shutterstock_46799377ALLMedica Global Corporation (AMGC) is a healthcare company dedicated to providing quality and innovative products and services to the people, especially to those who are in need of medical attention in the Philippines and worldwide.

Our Passion for excellence replicates to our persistence of sourcing the latest, reliable and evidence based products that are and will be available globally.


To be the trusted pharmaceutical and healthcare company that provides quality products and services with global collaboration


FOR THE PEOPLE – valuable and innovative pharmaceutical and healthcare products and services.
FOR OUR EMPLOYEES – a culture that uphold excellence, teamwork and growth opportunities with a balanced work-life environment.
FOR OUR SUPPLIERS AND ALLIES – ethical practices at the highest professional conduct.
FOR THE FILIPINO COMMUNITY – outreach programs and support to the protection of life and environment.
FOR OUR SHAREHOLDERS – business growth and stability.


ADAPTABILITY – We welcome change as an opportunity for growth and development.

MORALITY – We perform with the virtue and standard principles of decency, honesty and integrity.

GOAL ORIENTED – We are organized, committed and highly motivated in achieving tasks for individual and corporate advancement.

COOPERATION – We consider and value our customers, principals, suppliers and co-workers as our partners in the quest of achieving satisfaction by providing the highest quality standard of products and services.


  • Establish a strong challenger position of ethical products in key therapeutic class with high potential growth and profitability.

  • Develop programs for patients and physicians to achieve better outcome and brand loyalty.

  • Expand the use of products based on research and approve international guidelines through continuing medical education.


  • Establish a pharmaceutical company with quality products and services in a fast growing segment.

  • Capitalize on medical alliances for a long term partnership to assure a sustainable product utilization

  • Establish global partnership for new products and services with potential launch in the ASEAN market.